Naked drug user with feces smeared on his face, breaks into random home & slits his throat in front of 4 children: Police

A Tennessee man is behind bars after police say he “terrorized” a family on Monday, while high on a drug combination known as “wasp.”

ABC6 WATE reports that on Monday night at close to 7 p.m., Danny Hollis Jr. allegedly broke into a home off of Gimlet Road in Nashville. According to police, he was completely naked and high on the drug combination, wasp, a mixture of meth and crystalized bug spray.

Once inside the home, the suspect reportedly sat down at a family’s dinner table, with four children inside the home. While in front of the kids, Hollis grabbed a knife and slit his own throat, according to police.

“This man walks in. The family is all in there, minding their own business. He is stripped naked,” said Lt. Melinda Brewer, of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office. “He says the dog is looking at him. He grabs a knife and he cuts his throat. He goes up stairs and jumps out a window, after busting his head on the glass of the front door and then he takes off running.”

The family managed to call 911, but Hollis allegedly tried to make his escape by jumping out of the window of an upstairs bedroom and onto the family’s gazebo in the backyard. He then darted towards a field. He ended up hitting his head on nearby pavement, which gave authorities the opportunity to seize him. EMS workers and police officers noted that while trying to detain the suspect, they noticed his face was smeared with feces and blood.

According to authorities, Hollis admitted to smoking the drug combination. He claimed he couldn’t remember any of his actions. He’s charged with vandalism, aggravated burglary, and five counts of reckless endangerment. He’s currently in the Lawrence County jail.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as further details become available.

[Feature Photo: Danny Hollis Jr./Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office]