Police chief exchanged hundreds of inappropriate and nude images with underage girl: Investigators

A police chief in Ohio is facing federal charges after he was arrested on suspicion of exchanging nude images with an underage girl.

According to Fox News, 36-year-old Andrew Soloman was arrested Thursday, the second time this month.

Soloman, who served as chief of the Craig Beach Police Department prior to being placed on leave following his earlier arrest, now faces a federal warrant based on the testimony of a 16-year-old girl.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation reported that the alleged victim told agents that she and Soloman exchanged hundreds of emails last month. The illicit communications occurred over a two-week period, she said, according to an affidavit.

They reportedly met the previous month when Soloman responded to a report of an unruly child.

He was arrested earlier this month by Mahoning County sheriff’s deputies.

According to WKBN, he pleaded not guilty to those charges through a letter from his lawyer rather than an anticipated appearance in court.

Initial charges were limited to dereliction of duty and he was released on $1,000 bond. Authorities advised at the time, however, that more charges were expected.

The town’s council met shortly after the arrest to address the newly open police chief position his dismissal created.

He reportedly faced charges several years ago for criminal damaging or endangering, counts that were ultimately reduced to disorderly conduct in a plea agreement.

Agents of a BCI cybercrimes and child pornography task force arrested him on the newest charges this week.

A lawyer appointed to Soloman by a court declined to comment on the case Friday.

[Featured image: WKBN/video screenshot]