‘Psychopath’ suspect on loose after killing 400 small animals, leaving them in plain sight to ‘horrify’ people: Cops

Authorities in the London area are searching for a suspect they believe is responsible for the deaths of roughly 400 cats and other small animals.

According to the Yorkshire Post, officials have described the manner of death for the animals to be blunt force, which was followed by mutilation with a knife or some other sharp tool.

Based on the area of London the animals were first found, the suspect has been referred to in the media as the Croydon cat killer and has been tied to animal deaths dating back to October 2015.

Since then, animals in several neighboring communities seem to have been targeted by the suspect. Authorities believe the culprit left the animals in places they would easily be found in an effort to “horrify” the public.

A local animal rescue organization has been keeping track of the incidents, which experts say share similar details.

“We are seeing the exact same injuries, and he leaves a signature,” said Tony Jenkins, co-founder of the South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty.

He pointed to the location of the bodies as an indication that the suspect, who has been described as a “psychopath,” is interested in ensuring they are spotted by locals.

“It is definitely an act against humans on that basis,” Jenkins said. “He leaves them underneath bedroom windows whilst he hangs around to see someone find their beloved cat decapitated.”

Though officials have assured residents that there is no evidence human lives are in danger, Metro reported that there is a monetary reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

“We are investigating a number of leads and are keeping an open mind regarding suspects, while following up different lines of inquiry,” explained Croydon Detective Sergeant Andy Collins.

[Featured image: Pixabay]