FBI agents arrest Virginia man suspected of staging ISIS-inspired attack on US soil: Reports

Authorities in Virginia have arrested a man they believe had both supported a foreign terrorist group and shown an interest in staging a domestic terror attack.

According to NBC News, Sean Andrew Duncan allegedly attempted to destroy digital data as part of a plan to impede a federal terror investigation.

Court records indicate a relative became concerned when Duncan converted to Islam, expressing a belief that he had been radicalized, WRC reported.

While he is a U.S. citizen, the family member claimed he had been in contact with foreign ISIS members with whom he had discussed a future attack on American soil.

His foreign contacts allegedly provided him information regarding how to build homemade explosive devices.

Evidence gathered by the FBI in the investigation reportedly includes Duncan’s web searches for ISIS attacks and related information.

While authorities confirmed his residence in Sterling was searched in accordance with a warrant secured as part of a terror investigation, current charges against him do not include terror-related offenses.

His arrest stemmed from allegations that he tried to evade agents by running out of the back door of his home.

Duncan also reportedly made an attempt to destroy a thumb drive by breaking it and submerging it in liquid.

Authorities claim he and his wife attempted to travel to Turkey last year but were turned away and ended up back in America.

Shortly after returning to the U.S., Duncan was reportedly interviewed by the FBI. Soon thereafter, he allegedly changed his phone number and removed his Facebook account.

[Featured image: WRC-TV video screenshot]