New Year’s Day Crime Stories: Psychic detectives reveal secrets to crime solving

You’ll never see a psychic detective testify in a criminal case, but many investigators have used their special skills to find clues and even solve criminal mysteries. Nancy Grace explores their stories in this New Years Day Crime Stories show. Her guests in include psychic detectives Noreen Renier, Gale St. John, and Allison DuBois. Forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan joins the discussion to add some healthy skepticism.

Renier  worked on Scott Peterson case and many others. Her book is, “A Mind for Murder: The Real-Life Files of a Psychic Investigator.”

Gale St. John  is also a K9 handler, credentialed with the International Police Work Dog Association and an emergency medical responder on a search and rescue team. St. John is the author of “Missing and Presumed Dead – A Psychic’s Search for Justice.”

Allison DuBois served as the inspiration for the television drama series “Medium.”

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[Feature Photo: Gale St. John/Provided]