WATCH: ‘Mom’ admits to killing her daughter, asking husband to help cover up murder in chilling video confession

“I just killed her, and then she died.”

An Ohio woman who was recently sentenced to prison for killing her five-year-old daughter last year confessed to the senseless murder in a shockingly unemotional interview with an investigator.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Mingming Chen pleaded guilty on Friday to involuntary manslaughter and additional charges related to the death of her daughter Ashley Zhao, who was the subject of a fraudulent missing persons search in North Canton last January before detectives realized that the little girl was dead; her body hidden in her parents’ Chinese restaurant.

Mingming Chen was sentenced to 22 years in prison as part of the plea deal. Her husband, Liang Zhao, who helped conceal the crime and called in a fake missing persons report, previously pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in September.

Chen is believed to have beaten her daughter to death in the family’s restaurant in January 2017. The Daily Mail has obtained a video of Chen’s recorded confession, in which she shares details of the brutal murder and attempted coverup.

Ashley Zhao/Police handout

In the video, an unidentified investigator asks Chen to explain the circumstances of her daughter’s death.

“What happened; how did she die?” the investigator asks.

“I just killed her and the she died,” Chen replies.

The mother goes on to explain that Ashley had been misbehaving and that she lost control, overwhelmed by the stress of running the restaurant while caring for her young daughter.

“I need to take care of everything from the restaurant. I only have two hands. I’m not four hands girl, I’m two hands,” Chen says in the confession.

“I don’t want to do that to Ashley, but you can’t control yourself sometimes.”

Watch the full video confession here:

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[Feature image: Daily Mail video screenshot/Mingming Chen and investigator]