Boy rescued from meth house tells police he was locked in closet with ‘rats and roaches’ as his only friends

A 4-year-old Texas boy, rescued from a Houston “meth house,” reportedly gave police a harrowing account of what happened to him while living there.

Dallas Morning News reports that the boy was found living in the filthy home on Dec. 20, after deputies carried out a search warrant for a home located near Katy, in the West Memorial neighborhood off of the 22000 block of Goldstone Drive, after a tipster called in and reported possible meth making going on in the house.

When officers arrived, not only did they find a “a substantial amount” of marijuana and meth inside the home, but they also indicated the residence smelled awful and had rat feces littered through the house. They also noted a large dog and kitten inside, and drug and sex paraphernalia just outside of the closet door where the boy was reportedly forced to stay.

According to court testimony, the boy told deputies that he was forced into the closet for several hours at a time where rats and roaches, “his friends,” would often visit him. Further, he said as punishment when snuck out of the closest, he sat on top of a tall refrigerator where he would nod off when sleepy and almost fall off.

“He can articulate some things that are really shocking and surprising that tell us he was in there for a quite a length of time,” said the boy’s lawyer, Rachel Leal-Hudson. “The detail on this case is very awful. This is a 4-year-old child who has seen things an adult should not have seen.”

Apparently the child’s mother wasn’t at home when officers raided the residence. Someone else was taking care of the boy, but the mom was later arrested and charged with child endangerment. The child’s father, Robert Dehart, appeared in court on Monday in an attempt to bring the boy home, who was placed in temporary foster care. According to Dehart, he dropped his son off with his mother right after Thanksgiving and didn’t know anything like this would happen.

“I just want to get him back. I just want to get him back home,” Dehart said, according to ABC13.

Yet, the child’s father has an alleged history of drug use and until Monday, had refused to take a drug test, authorities said. In turn, a judge ruled that the boy stay in the care of CPS until a hearing next month, which gives the court enough time to process the father’s drug test.

Authorities are still searching for Daniel Clark Morris III, the person reportedly responsible for making and selling drugs out of the home.

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Young Boy Rescued From Meth Dealer's Home

Manufacturing and selling meth from your West Harris County home…illegal. Keeping your 4-year-old in the closet of that drug-infested home…even worse. If you do it in Precinct 5, you'll be hearing from our deputies. Fortunately, the child gets out of the situation with a new best friend.

Posted by The Office of Constable Ted Heap. Harris County Constable Pct. 5 on Tuesday, December 19, 2017


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