‘The truth will be revealed if people donate to my campaign’: GMA’s Amy Robach questions Corey Feldman on his motives

‘If your goal is to protect other children and to stop this from happening, why wouldn’t you release all the names?’

Child star actor Corey Feldman appeared on Good Morning America (GMA) on Thursday morning to promote the upcoming Lifetime movie, A Tale of Two Coreys, and to also defend his actions about a film he hopes to make to expose Hollywood pedophilia.

Feldman, the executive producer of the new Lifetime film, spoke with GMA host Amy Robach, and explained that while A Tale of Two Coreys, a story his life and the late actor Corey Haim’s life, touches the surface of Hollywood pedophilia, he’s still intent on making his own film, in which he promises “the truth” about Hollywood pedophilia, in a version that’s not watered down for television.

In order to make the film, Feldman is asking for donations. It’s something that numerous people on social media have criticized him for, but Feldman insisted that he wants to make the movie his own way, which would mean funding the entire project himself. He also said he wouldn’t reveal the “truth” of what happened to him and Haim unless he gets the funds to make the movie.

“The truth will be revealed if people donate to my campaign,” Feldman said, explaining that the Lifetime movie is a “G Rated” version of the actual events of his life.

Robach: “So you know the names of the men you say abused Corey Haim? You witnessed them walking into, and Corey then telling you what happened?”

Feldman: “And, also Corey telling me beforehand, ‘Hey, this happened to me. This is what happened to me when I was 13 years old, and this is why I am the way I am.’ That needs to be told. That person who did that damage to him and raped him at 13 years old needs to be exposed.”

Robach: “Will you profit from this film?”

Feldman: “I mean hopefully, if I’m lucky! I deserve to, don’t I? I’m a director and an actor. I have to get paid for my work.”

Robach: “If your goal is to protect other children and to stop this from happening, why wouldn’t you release all the names? You are in totally new waters now. When you say something, you are believed in a way you weren’t before.”

Feldman: “Ok, that’s nice of you to say. So, when the lawyers come after me, and they start harassing me, are you going to be there to defend me? The bottom line is I’m not an accuser. I’m a victim and I’m a survivor. I have done what I’ve done to try and help other people, it’s true. But at the end of the day I am a producer of a movie.

Feldman hopes to raise $1 million through his fundraiser. Previously, he asked for $10 million, explaining he needed to hire a legal team and personal security team for his safety.

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[Feature Photo: Corey Haim/ABC Screenshot]