REVEALED: Secret details of ‘neo-Nazi’ teen accused of killing girlfriend’s parents

New information was revealed in regards to the Virginia teenager who allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend’s parents, before turning the gun on himself in a failed suicide attempt.

HuffPost reports that 17-year-old Nicholas Giampa, of Norton, has been named as the person responsible for taking the lives of his girlfriend’s parents, Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, and Scott Fricker, 48, on Dec. 22, when he snuck inside their Reston, Va. home. According to police, the couple found Giampa in his daughter’s bedroom and when they confronted him, the suspect opened fire, killing them both.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the girl’s parents reportedly forbade their daughter from seeing the boy after learning that he was an alleged neo-Nazi spreading hateful messages throughout the community. The suspect attempted to kill himself afterward, but failed. He’s now in critical condition at a local hospital.

The incident happened days after Buckley reported the suspect’s Twitter account to the private school that he attended attended with the Frickers’ daughter. Posting under the name “Kevin Gallo,” pictures on his social media accounts included a photo of Adolf Hitler, a cartoon photo of a swastika sign, and content that denied parts of the Holocaust. He also retweeted an endorsement for the white nationalist novel, The Turner Diaries, which deals with race wars.

Nicholas Giamba [Facebook]
The teen also reportedly said he wasn’t a President Trump supporter, though he thought it funny how easily Trump can “piss people off.”

“I don’t even support trump lol I just think it’s funny how easy it is for him to piss people off,” Giampa tweeted on July 26.

Friends and neighbors described Giampa as “troubled,” and some of the residents in his neighborhood accused him of mowing a large swastika sign into a field by his home, just a few months before the killings.

“We live in a very safe neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes and not worry about anything,” said neighbor, Penny Potter. “For the first time, I was fearful that there was someone living in our neighborhood who was capable of incredibly irrational behavior. If you see something that makes you say ‘Huh,’ just call police. They can tell you if it’s appropriate.”

It’s still unclear what motivated Giampa to take on such extreme views. His parents quickly shut their Facebook pages down after the tragedy and have so far declined to comment. According to HuffPost, however, the suspect’s mother, Marilyn Breedlove-Giampa, posted on her now-deleted Facebook account that she supported Confederate stature in cities and praised Confederate generals.

The suspect remains at the Reston Hospital Center, under police guard, in life-threatening condition.

[Feature Photo: Nicholas Giampa/Facebook Screenshot]