Pitbulls who mauled Virginia woman had swallowed human hair; one of the dogs had not been neutered

A medical examination of two pitbulls who mauled their young owner to death last month revealed that the dogs had swallowed what appears to be human hair.

CBS News 6 reports that a necropsy on Tonka and Pac-Man, who were both euthanized after the fatal attack on their owner Bethany Lynn Stephens, found strands of long, wavy human hair in the feces of the animals.

Stephens’ own father found her dismembered body on December 14 after friends reported her missing two days after she took her dogs for a walk in the Virginia woods. Investigators said they witnessed the dogs gnawing at the victims’ ribcage, and that she was found completely naked, wearing only a single boot.

While Stephens’ friends had questioned the circumstances of her death, investigators have been insisted that the 22-year-old Glen Allen woman’s own dogs were responsible for her death. She had adopted one of the pitbulls, Tonka, as a puppy, and took in Pac-Man, who was born in the same litter, a year later.

An investigation into the dogs’ backgrounds found that Pac-Man had been moved to different homes several times during his short life, and may have been abused by a previous owner. Pac-Man had not been neutered at the time of Stephens’ death.

According to the latest report, Stephens’ father warned Bethany that the second pitbull could be dangerous, but she thought she could work with him.

Investigators have ruled out foul play in Stephens’ tragic death, and are awaiting the result of toxicology reports.


[Feature image: Facebook/Bethany Stephens]