‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules loses legal battle, will go to trial for fatal tractor accident that killed his neighbor

The former Bachelor star who killed a neighbor in a traffic accident last year suffered a major setback in his efforts to avoid jail time.

The New York Post reports that Chris Soules, who was charged with failure to remain at the scene of a fatal accident, had filed a constitutional challenge to the Iowa law that requires a driver involved in an accident to remain at the scene. A judge rejected his challenge, and Soules will face trial on the felony charges on January 18.

Soules was driving a pickup truck that is believed to have rear-ended a tractor driven by his neighbor, Kenneth Mosher, who died of his injuries. Though Soules called 911 to report the accident and reportedly administered CPR to the 66-year-old victim, and was present when paramedics first arrived. But he did not remain at the scene until police arrived, and was arrested on April 25 on suspicion of fleeing the scene of a fatal accident.

Soules pleaded not guilty to the charges in May.

As the New York Post  points out, Iowa is the only state that requires the driver in a fatal accident to remain at the scene until law enforcement arrives, though in most states it is a felony to leave the scene altogether.

The former reality star’s attorneys argued that the law puts the surviving driver at risk for self-incrimination.

“No other state has a comparable requirement,” Soules’ attorneys said in court documents obtained by the New York Post.

Judge Andrea Dryer did not agree that the law puts the driver at undue risk for self-incrimination or violated any constitutional rights.

It is not yet clear is Soules’ attorneys plan to appeal the decision.


[Feature image: Associated Press]