Construction worker finds human remains in backyard of home, cops trace it back to 2015 murder: Reports

Authorities in California have arrested a man on suspicion of his involvement in the death of a person whose bones were found near his property late last month.

According to KTXL, authorities in Sacramento unearthed a full human skeleton from a shallow grave on the afternoon of December 26. Officials did not immediately release the victim’s identity.

Investigators were reportedly dispatched to the scene after a construction worker found what appeared to be remains in the backyard of a vacant home.

Two days after initial evidence was confirmed as having human origins, excavators uncovered a complete skeleton, as reported by KCRA. Investigators also searched the remainder of the yard for additional evidence, but reports indicate no other bodies were found.

The property was reportedly undergoing renovations at the time after the homeowner’s previous tenants were evicted the previous month and left the home in disarray.

Police believe 22-year-old Michael Christopher Sager was involved in a confrontation with the victim in 2015, which ended when he fatally stabbed the individual at the home on Dundee Drive where the remains were found.

Sager reportedly lived in the home with the victim, who was dating the suspect’s sister. According to reports, there was no missing persons report associated with the apparent disappearance of the victim more than two years ago.

The suspect was arrested Friday and jailed without bond in the Sacramento Main County Jail. He is expected to face charges including murder. Authorities did not release any further information.

[Featured image: Michael Christopher Sager/Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department]