NFL heiress glass purse attack on stranger and New Year’s Eve teen murder rampage

The daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke allegedly spewed antisemitic insults as she attacked a man on a New York sidewalk with her glass purse. Jacqueline Kent Cooke faces a charge of suspicion of assault, which the prosecutor says could be elevated to a hate crime. Nancy Grace discuss the case with psychologist Caryn Stark, forensics expert Joe Scott Morgan, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Bobbi Maxwell.

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Grace next turns to two New Years gun attacks, including a son who allegedly massacred much of his family and a pregnant teen accused of shooting her boyfriend.

She is joined by journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell, psychologist Dr. Pat Saunders, private investigator Vincent Hill, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Larry Meagher.

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Pregnant teen girl shoots boyfriend dead on New Year’s Eve: Police

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[Feature Photo: Jaqueline Cooke, Facebook/Matthew Haberkorn/Handout]