Police search for killer of Texas grandmother mysteriously murdered two days before Christmas

Valerie Young’s family initially did not want to publicize the killing, but investigators are desperate for leads. The family is now offering a significant reward for information about her murder.

Updated: Tuesday, 1o:40 a.m.

A Texas grandmother was murdered in cold blood last month, and police have been quietly searching for clues while respecting the family’s earlier wishes not to publicize the killing.

KTRK reports that Valerie Young, 59, was found dead in the garage of her Pearland home on December 23. On Monday, the police reportedly sent out a news release about the murder for the first time, which KTRK did not share. But the news station reports that details about the killing remain scarce.

The cause of death has not been released, but the victim’s son spoke to the news station about the shocking murder, and said Young had been shot multiple times. He said the perpetrator took her purse and her cell phone.

“I’m just as lost and clueless as the investigators. There’s nothing. I don’t know of anything. My family knows absolutely nothing. Seriously. Clueless. Doesn’t make sense,” the victim’s son Greg Young told the news station.

Young’s son said that the day before she was killed, Valerie Young called her family after she discovered a door open and unlocked at her home. Just after the call, Greg Young’s father reportedly checked on her and she was fine.

Investigators are reportedly unsure if the murder suspect was waiting for Valerie at her home or if they entered the home while she was already there.

Greg Young told KTRK that the family is offering a reward nearing $100,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Pearland police at 281-997-4231.

“Who are they to take away my son’s grandma, my nephew’s grandma?” Greg Young said to KTRK.

“What gives you that right to do that to somebody so innocent? I just want that answer.”


[Feature image: KTRK video screenshot/Valerie Young]