Felon attempts to have former wife killed in exchange for cash and Atlanta Hawks basketball tickets

A Georgia man is behind bars after police say he tried to have his ex-wife killed in exchange for Atlanta Hawks basketballs tickets and cash.

Northwest Georgia News reports that Michael Lawrence Dane McEarchern, 29, of Temple, allegedly agreed to pay a hitman $10,000 and two tickets to an Atlanta Hawks basketball game to kill his former wife, who lived in Smyrna. Unbeknownst to McEarchern, the hitman was an FBI informant who turned over the information to authorities.

FBI Special Agent Mitchell Jackson stated that on Nov. 6, 2017, McEarchern sent the informant a text message and indicated he was looking to “get somebody to take out his wife for $5,000 to $10,000.” At the time of the text, McEarchern was behind bars at the Bartow County jail for possession of cocaine, a Schedule IV controlled substance marijuana, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

After identifying his former wife and her location, the suspect allegedly said he’d send an $800 deposit to a P.O. box for the informant to pick up. He also asked for his former wife’s boyfriend to be killed. When agents found the boyfriend through Smyrna police, they learned he’d already been shot several times, although it’s unclear by who or why. He survived.

The agent picked up the $800 deposit from a Smyrna post office on Nov. 30 and promptly arranged for McEarchern to be recorded via a hidden recording device in his cell. While on the phone with the agent, the suspect reportedly explained the best place to find his ex-wife and that he didn’t have a preference how she died, as “long as it happens this time.”

According to Coosa Valley News, McEarchern was taken into federal custody on Dec. 5. His wife, unarmed, is safe with her mother.

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[Feature Photo: Michael McEarchern/Bartow County Jail]