Torture-obsessed woman and her accomplice brutally strangle and stab autistic teen for sick thrills

A British woman and her accomplice were convicted in Australia last year for the gruesome torture and murder of an autistic teen.

According to the Sun, 26-year-old Jemma Lilley staged the attack to fulfill a morbid entry on her “bucket list.”

Prosecutors presented evidence at trial that she strangled and stabbed the victim, 18-year-old Aaron Pajich, and buried his body beneath a garden path outside of the home where the brutal attack took place.

Investigators reportedly found not only the weapons and tools used to torture Pajich, but journals and other documentation of Lilley’s depraved plans. Among the preferred methods of torture included in handwritten notes at the location, police reported, were genital mutilation, Chinese water torture, branding and force-feeding.

The home was also decorated with posters and memorabilia from popular horror films, most notably the murderous Chucky doll from “Child’s Play.”

She and Trudi Lenon were both found guilty of charges related to his murder and are awaiting sentencing. Lenon was attacked in prison recently by another inmate who threw boiling water on her.

Pajich was reportedly a friend of Lenon’s 13-year-old son.

According to the New York Post, Lenon was responsible for inviting the victim into the home under the guise of assisting her with a computer task. As he sat at the computer desk, Lilley approached him from behind, strangled him with a wire and stabbed him three times.

After the murder, authorities say Lilley sent Lenon a text message ostensibly thanking her for her help in the crime.

“I am seeing things I haven’t seen before,” she wrote. “I’m feeling things I haven’t felt before. It’s incredibly empowering. Thank you.”

Upon their search of the home, detectives found what they called a “secret” room covered in tarps and plastic sheets. Additionally, a portion of the home’s carpet had been removed, leading investigators to suspect that was the location of the violent murder.

The home’s garage contained even more morbidity, according to reports. Police believe a pot with what appeared to be meat dissolving in acid was an early test for disposing of human flesh.

[Featured image: Aaron Pajich/WA Police]