‘Daughter’ skips mother’s funeral, robs her home and steals around $90K worth of items: Police

A Massachusetts woman is facing theft charges after police say she skipped her own mother’s funeral and instead, robbed the deceased woman’s home with an accomplice.

NY Post reports that on Friday, Alyce Davenport, 30, and Diron Conyers, 27, went to the home of her deceased mother, Audra Johnson, in Warren, where they allegedly broke in and stole a safe with items inside that equaled around $90,000. According to police, she skipped her mother’s funeral and refused to answer calls from relatives, who were at the funeral home at the time, wondering why the suspect wasn’t there.

Johnson’s fiancé, Thomas Baillet, contacted authorities after he noticed someone had broken into her home, according to the Telegram. Police, who were already familiar with Davenport due to a previous arrests, told area authorities to be on the lookout for her. Southbridge officers spotted the two suspects on Saturday, on the side of a road with a car registered in Johnson’s name, a blue Honda Civic.

Diron Conyers [Photo: Warren PD]
When officers approached, they noticed a safe inside the open trunk of the car. They noted that Davenport attempted to quickly shut the trunk when one of the officers tried to look inside. The officers seized the trunk, detained the suspects, and notified Warren authorities.

Warren officers later searched the suspects’ hotel room in Sturbridge, where they found additional items allegedly taken from Johnson’s home, including  jewelry, keys, cellphones, and a real estate contract. They also found a checkbook, previously reported as stolen from someone in Southington, CT.

Authorities later performed another search in the car and reportedly found $5,000 worth of coins, a bag of knives, and jewelry. Officers said that it appeared as if Davenport, who has a history of “larceny, identity theft and forgery,” was using cocaine.

On Monday, a judge ordered Davenport to remain behind bars on $15,000 bail. Conyers remains behind bars without bail since he had a previous warrant for his arrest.

[Feature Photo: Alyce Davenport/Warren PD]