Singer Evan Henzi helps bring down notorious Hollywood pedophile who ends up getting only 6 MONTHS in jail

‘He turns over and looks at me and says drop your pants’

At age 11, Evan Henzi had dreams of becoming a famous singer. With his parents help, he hired child talent manager Marty Weiss to help guide his career. Almost immediately, Weiss began sexually abusing Henzi, which continued on for several years. Although Henzi was brave enough to report Weiss to authorities and eventually help put him behind bars, Weiss walked out of jail having only served six months.

Henzi, now 24, spoke with Dr. Oz on his “Thursday True Crime” episode on Thursday, where he explained that he had no idea how to process what was happening to him as a man who numerous parents entrusted with their kids pulled down the singer’s pants and performed oral sex on him.

“I was numb,” Henzi said, describing the moment Weiss sexually assaulted him. “He turns over and looks at me and says drop your pants. And I’m stunned. I’m, like, wow, this again… And I sit down, I’m already on a couch and he walks over swiftly and he presses his arm against my chest and, to a point like where it hurt. And he yanks down my pants and he does oral sex on me. And I’m now just turned 12 years old and I’m pre-pubescent, I’m not responsive and it’s just the most damaging experience of my life.”

“From day one, he already started to ask me sex questions. So, that was very puzzling and as a child you don’t really know what’s right and what’s isn’t, and where that line is.”

A younger Evan Henzi with Marty Weiss [Photo: Evan Henzi]
When Henzi graduated high school and turned 18, he met up with Weiss after finally escaping the abuse only a few years earlier, and while sitting in his former manager’s car, he secretly recorded their conversation. The brave move allowed Henzi to record Weiss admitting to sexually abusing him, although the pedophile convict never took responsibility for his actions. Instead, Weiss said what he did to Henzi was no different than what animals do all the time. Weiss’ irrational thinking, among other evidence presented, was enough to convince a judge of his guilt.

In 2012, while facing numerous child sexual abuse charges in a Los Angeles courtroom, Weiss took a plea deal and pleaded no contest to two counts of oral copulation with a child under the age of 14. A judge initially sentenced him to one year and five months behind bars, followed by probation. Yet, six months after his sentencing, Weiss walked out of jail for good behavior, after sexually abusing a young Henzi from age 11 to age 15.

“The fact that a man could abuse children and spend six months in jail is heartbreaking,” Anne Henry, co-founder of BizParents Foundation, said at the time, according to the Los Angeles Times. “And that he is eligible today to go right back out and work with children in our industry — that’s unacceptable.”

Henzi never saw Weiss again until the former child manager tried to recently get his probation dropped. Henzi told Dr. Oz that in order to ensure Weiss stayed on probation, he had to show up at the court hearing and face him. It paid off. The judge dismissed Weiss’ case and sent him on his way.

Is probation and a short jail sentence fair for a convicted pedophile who abused a boy more than 100 times for four years? By many people’s standards, no, but Henzi has kept a positive outlook on the situation and hopes that one day Weiss will admit what he did was wrong and turn his crimes around to help others.

As part of an in-depth investigation into Hollywood pedophilia, CrimeOnline spoke exclusively to Henzi about how he copes with what happened to him, his music career, and his hopes on helping other children who were abused. Check back with CrimeOnline for additional details.

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[Feature Photo: Evan Henzi/CrimeOnline]