Authorities reportedly send boy, beaten and thrown in the cold, back to his alleged abusive parents: Reports

A young boy in China told authorities he ran away after his parents beat him before tossing him outside in freezing weather. Yet, despite, large red whip marks on the boy’s back, he was returned back to his alleged abusive parents.

Mail Online reports that neighbors who found a 10-year-old boy him sleeping inside a metal cart, covered with a tarp, were shocked to see the child completely naked with large belt whips on his back. A lady at a nearby laundry center gave the boy clothes to wear while another neighbor said he needed urgent medical care. The incident occurred in  San Qiao, Guiyang of Guizhou Province on Jan. 8.

“The boy is hurt from top to bottom! He has to stay in a hospital,” the neighbor said.

Another neighbor contacted police, while the boy explained that after his parents beat him and pushed him outside in the almost freezing weather, he ran away. He said he didn’t want to return home, but in a shocking move, authorities returned the boy back to his home and let the parents off with a verbal warning.

Reporters, who found a flyer for the boy, announcing he was missing, contacted the number listed.

“This afternoon the masses received a reflection of a young boy who was naked, his body hurt, so cold weather was sleeping in a tricycle, what happened?” the reporter asked.

Mr. Zeng, the boy’s father, reportedly answered the phone and explained that the child was punished for “being naughty.” Zeng reportedly hung up the phone before answering any other questions.

The family reported to take better care of the boy, according to police, who declined to comment any further.

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/Mail Online Video]