‘Where are my kids?’ Father losing hope three years after children vanish, while mom remains in psychiatric hospital

The father of two children who disappeared over three years ago while in the care of their mentally ill mother still has no idea what happened to four-year-old Sarah and two-year old Jacob that day, and he says he can’t imagine how this story has a happy ending.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Jacob and Sarah Hoggle disappeared from Gaithersburg, Maryland, in September 2014, when their father Troy Turner was at work and they were supposed to be in the care of their mother, Catherine Hoggle.

Hoggle, 31, made up multiple excuses for why her children were not in her company that day and the next when Turner became frantic.

“Where are my kids?” Turner told People magazine he asked Catherine that day as he drove her around to the various places she had claimed she had left Jacob and Sarah, only to find they weren’t there. At one point during the ride, Hoggle reportedly asked Turner to stop at a fast food restaurant and vanished herself.

The mother, who had a history of mental illness, was reportedly found days later wandering and disoriented. Hoggle was taken into custody and has since been charged with her children’s murder. But investigators still don’t have any idea what happened to Jacob and Sarah, and Catherine Hoggle isn’t talking.

Hoggle is currently committed to a psychiatric hospital and has not yet entered a plea to the murder charges, as she has so far not been determined to be competent enough to stand trial. Her next competency hearing is in September.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Jacob’s father wonders if he will ever get any answers, and fears what those answers may be.

“I’ve just really tried to hold out hope because those are my babies, and who wants to admit their babies are gone?” Turner told People magazine.

“I don’t know of any scenario where they could even be alive at this point.”

Anyone with information about the children’s whereabouts is urged to call ll 911 or 1-800-THE LOST.

[Feature image: Police handout/Jacob and Sarah Hoggle]