Pit bull tragically mauls 3-year-old girl to death just days after family adopts it

An Oklahoma family is grieving the death of a 3-year-old girl mauled by a new family pet.

According to the New York Post, the Dodges had only adopted the pit bull, named Remington, days prior to the attack Sunday.

Jason Dodge, Rylee Marie Dodge’s father, said he was “very cautious” about bringing the dog into his home, explaining that it had no reported prior history of aggressive behavior.

Just the day before Remington killed the young girl, her father said the dog played well with a boy in the family.

Jason Dodge’s mother was watching the toddler, her granddaughter, when the attack occurred.

“I got the call, you know, ‘Your daughter and your dog’ is all I heard,” Dodge said of the phone call from his mother, who was also reportedly injured by the animal while trying to rescue her granddaughter.

“There was nothing they could do, absolutely nothing,” he said.

The girl was transported by ambulance to an area hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Duncan police officers also responded to the scene and killed the animal, which Dodge said was done with his blessing and encouragement.

“I was like, ‘Kill this dog. Shoot it down or I will,'” he said of his conversation with a responding officer. “And he did. He shot it in the backyard.”

Neighbors told KSWO that they saw Rylee Dodge playing outside of her family’s home and expressed shock that such a tragic attack took place in their neighborhood.

The Duncan Police Department indicated the investigation remains ongoing.

[Featured image: Rylee Marie Dodge/Facebook]