WATCH: In first on-camera interview, Dylan Farrow insists ‘I am telling the truth’ about Woody Allen sexual abuse allegation

In her first on-camera interview, Dylan Farrow is speaking about the alleged child sexual abuse she endured from her adoptive father Woody Allen.

CBS Morning News previewed a clip of the interview, which will air in full on Thursday, recorded at Farrow’s home in Bridgewater, Connecticut.

In 2014, Farrow published an open letter in the New York Times detailing the time Allen allegedly molested her at age 7. Rumors of sexual abuse had circulated when Dylan’s mother Mia Farrow and Allen split, but Allen was never charged. In the New York Times piece, Farrow explained that her mother decided not to press charges in order to spare her child the trauma, and wrote about how even her own therapists sometimes questioned her credibility.

Allen has consistently denied the allegations, and continues to enjoy his decades-long career as a respected director, receiving numerous accolades and awards. But the allegations have come under more scrutiny in the wake of the #MeToo movement, which has highlighted the pervasive abuse inside the entertainment industry and beyond.


In the interview, CBS anchor Gayle King shares with Farrow what she has heard people say about the allegations against Allen.

“Someone said this to me, ‘She wants to bring Woody Allen down. She’s caught up in the #MeToo, Time’s Up movement and this is really what she’s trying to do is bring him down,'” King said.

After a brief pause, Farrow replies:

“Why shouldn’t I want to bring him down? Why shouldn’t I be angry? Why shouldn’t I be hurt? Why shouldn’t I feel some sort of — outrage that after all these years being ignored and disbelieved and tossed aside?”

Now 32, Farrow insists that she is telling the truth as she has been for years, and speaks of her frustration that she has not been believed.

“I am credible and I am telling the truth and I think it’s important that people realize that one victim, one accuser, matters … And that they are enough to change things.”

At one point in the interview, King asks Farrow why people should believe her.

“All I can do is speak my truth and hope,” Farrow said.

“Hope that somebody will believe me instead of just hearing.”

The full interview will air on Thursday’s broadcast of CBS Morning News, which begins at 7 a.m. Eastern Time.