‘Abusive’ mother ties ‘naughty’ son’s hands to motor scooter, before allegedly dragging him behind her: Report

A mother in China utilized a strange and abusive way to discipline her son as she reportedly tied his hands to a motor scooter and then dragged him down the street. She allegedly dished out her nauseating brand of familial justice in this horrifying manner for three days!

The MailOnline reported that the mother and son (of an undetermined age) were first eyeballed by witnesses on the streets of Zhaotong in the Yunnan province of China.

In a chilling video posted on Youku, the mother is seen atop with the scooter with the son tied to the back of the bike by his hands. He is depicted lying on his stomach. There is also what appears to be a piece of white paper attached to the back of his jacket. In the video, both the mother and son’s faces are blurred. He can be heard crying as he lies on the asphalt.

Reportedly, the mother explained to an onlooker that she is punishing the boy for being extremely “naughty” and had been disciplining him in this manner for the past two to three days.

On Weibo, a Chinese social media site, web users sharply critiqued the mother’s alleged actions.

“Extremely cruel, no humanity. Mother so poisonous unworthy!”a user who self- identified as “Wang Lu students” posted.

Another user “Zhaotongtongcheng” wrote, “This is too cruel. Can we take mother’s custody right by showing this to police?”

User “Stuart Bright Blue” was far more succinct, writing, “This is child abuse!”

It is unclear if the mother was actually reported to local law enforcement.

[Feature Photo: Youku Screenshot]