‘House of Horrors’ Update: Police reportedly found shackled siblings lying in their own feces and urine

Several of the 13 California siblings who reportedly endured abuse and neglect in their parents’ ‘house of horrors’ were found lying in their own feces and urine on Monday, according to a Riverside County deputy.

MailOnline reports that Deputy Mike Vasquez of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office stated that the foul-smelling odors emanating from inside the Perris home of David and Louise Turpin were caused by their kids’ feces and urine. Several of the children were shackled to beds with no way to get to a restroom.

“The smell was terrible….feces and urine everywhere. ‘It’s what happens when people are chained up – there’s nowhere else to go to the restroom.”

A 17-year-old teen girl managed to escape the house of horrors on Monday afternoon. Before leaving, she reportedly took photos of the home, which she gave to police to show the horrid conditions that she and her 12 siblings were living in. When officers arrived to the home, the siblings, ranging in ages from 2 to 29, appeared weak, pale, filthy, and malnourished.

The victims were taken to local hospitals after authorities provided them food and drinks.

Prior to moving to their Perris home, the Turpin family reportedly rented a home from landlord Eric Aguirre in Murrieta, California. The landlord reportedly told MailOnline that after the family moved out, they left home in horrible shape. Aguirre said there was a strong urine smell, yet he always thought the family’s dog caused the foul scent.

“I attributed it to animals, not to anything else. I remembered that he said he had a dog, so I was like, ‘Oh, that makes sense.'”

Aguirre also said the showers were “crusty and dark,” with black grime on the shower floor. The Turpins ended up losing their $3,000 security deposit.

Meanwhile, David and Louise Turpin remain behind bars awaiting trial. They were scheduled to face arraignment this week, but according to public information officer Marita Ford, no formal complaint was yet filed as of Weds. afternoon.

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[Feature Photo: David and Louise Turpins/Riverside County Sheriff’s Department]