Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had ‘significant amount’ of child pornography on computers, Marilou Danley will not be charged: Sheriff

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo gave the first press conference in over 100 days regarding the investigation into the deadly shooting massacre in Las Vegas on October 1.

Lombardo announced in the press conference that he will be sharing a preliminary investigative report with the media and public and noted that doing so was “going against normal protocols.”

“The release of this report is not standard practice — these are unique circumstances,” Lombardo said, crediting the decision to release it with the intense public and media scrutiny around the shooting massacre, the deadliest gun massacre in modern U.S. history.

“This is a preliminary investigative report … it is not comprehensive.”

The sheriff said that the report will detail “certain indicators of intent” and reinforced once again that he is convinced Stephen Paddock was the lone gunman.

“I know and believe there is only one suspect,” Lombardo said. He also said that Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley is not expected to be charged in connection with the shooting massacre, but said there is another person being investigated. He said that authorities will not reveal who that person is or what their connection might be.

Lombardo said that an FBI behavioral analysis team found a “significant amount” of child pornography on Paddock’s computers. Paddock also reportedly performed multiple searches for SWAT team and tactical behavior.

Still, Lombardo said that the preliminary report will not shed light on Paddock’s motive.

CrimeOnline will provide additional updates as more information becomes available.


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