Sex offender secretly takes photos of kids and apparently it’s legal: Report

A convicted sex offender is reportedly taking photos of little girls without their knowledge and permission in Maine, and according to police, nothing can be done about it.

News Center Maine reports that worried parents made a complaint to police after they learned a registered sex offender was taking photographs of young girls without permission, but according to authorities, it isn’t illegal as long as the photos are taken in public places.

Jessica Sproul, of Waldoboro, told News Center Maine that numerous photos of her daughter turned up on an online Flickr account after the little girl visited a Barnes and Noble bookstore.

“I immediately burst into tears. I could barely catch my breath,” Sproul said. “What innocence she had, we’ve now had to have a conversation that kind of takes that away and she’s 10…it’s just unfair.”

Sproul wasn’t the only parent targeted by the sex offender. Numerous parents called the Augusta PD in Maine, with complaints that photos of their children were being taken without permission. Joey Toothaker said his 12-year-old was in a store when the convict started snapping photos of her. The little girl, Ciara, said she felt “violated” when she learned what happened.

“When I found out he was doing it, it made me like really feel violated, because he could’ve known everything, like we were talking about.”

Since it’s not considered a crime to take photos in public, the sex offender’s name is not being released, although the crime that landed him on the sex offender registry involved a 13-year-old girl. News Center Maine indicated that its partner outlet reached out to him about the allegations. He said he deeply regretted what he did and had no plans to take photos of children in the future.

“I regret every single time I’ve ever done it.”

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]