‘Dad’ caught on camera tossing baby in dumpster because he thought she was ‘incurable,’ elderly stranger saves her life [VIDEO]

The elderly good samaritan was seen on video holding the abandoned newborn

A father of a newborn baby in China was caught on surveillance footage tossing the infant girl into a dumpster, after wrapping the still-breathing baby in a paper bag.

The Daily Mail reports that the father, identified only as Mr. Li, was caught on surveillance camera tossing the baby girl into a filthy dumpster inĀ in Xuanwei, China on January 15.

According to Chinese newspaper Yunnan Daily, an elderly woman later found the baby in the dumpster, rescued her, and took her to a hospital.

The baby was only two hours old and still had her umbilical cord attached.

Police reportedly located the suspect after reviewing the surveillance footage. He and his girlfriend, Ms. Lai, reportedly told police that the mother was only eight months pregnant when she gave birth, and had not received any prenatal care. The couple allegedly told police that the baby had turned a shade of purple-green after the birth and that they believed she was “incurable.”

According to the report, the baby was taken to Xuanwei People’s Hospital, and officials there told the police that the infant girl was in good condition. She has since been sent to a community centre.

Both parents were reportedly arrested and booked, but the baby’s mother has been released on bail.

The Daily Mail obtained still images of the surveillance footage showing the baby’s father leaving her in a dumpster.

[Feature image: Daily Mail screenshot/Abandoned baby and her rescuer]