Florida man found murdered, missing arms and legs 10 years after girlfriend’s former boyfriend found chopped into pieces — just a few miles away

A 67-year-old woman is in custody for one murder and has been named a person of interest in the decades-old killing

A Florida woman has been arrested after her boyfriend was found shot to death with his arms and legs cut off — the second time one of her boyfriends has died violently.

The News-Journal Online reports that Volusia County authorities have arrested Nelci Tetley, 67, and charged her with first-degree murder in the death of  Jeffrey Albertsman, 55.

Albertsman’s partially dismembered body was reportedly found in his Daytona Beach home on July 26, after an unidentified friend and her husband went to check on him. The couple notified police when they noticed the smell of rotting corpse.

But only part of his corpse was in the house. According to a coroner report obtained by the newspaper, Albertsman was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest. His legs and arms had been removed and were found 20 miles away.

“Something like this is not common,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri told reporters in a news conference on Friday.

“Just the amount of violence that was involved. Cutting his arm and legs off? I don’t understand the purpose of that.”

According to CBS News, Tetley and Albertsman had been in a relationship for about nine years and lived together, but neighbors told the news station that it was a volatile pairing.

“She was very possessive of him. She would follow him to work. She would follow him back home,” one neighbor said.

According to court records obtained by the news station, Tetley was arrested in October 2016 after she reportedly assaulted and threatened Albertsman, telling him, “I could kill you tonight if I wanted.”

She was sentenced to 11 months probation, which she completed in May 2017.

The discovery of Albertsman’s body has significant implications in a cold-case homicide investigation of Teltley’s former boyfriend Michael Scot Louis, whose cut-up body was found just 10 miles from where police discovered Albertsman’s severed limbs, 10 years ago. He was 29 years old when he died.

Authorities have made no arrests in Louis’s murder, although at one time serial killer Gary Michael Hilton was reportedly a person of interest. Authorities reportedly confirmed that Tetley, 67,  is a person of interest now, but have not provided any further details.

According to the latest report, Tetley remains in custody and it is not known if she has secured an attorney.

[Feature image: Daytona Beach Police/Nelci Tetley]