‘He already exposed his abuser without asking for a penny’: Corey Haim’s mom seeks proof her son told Corey Feldman to tell his ‘life story’

Actor Corey Feldman, on a current crusade to expose pedophilia, recently said that fellow actor and friend Corey Haim (prior to his passing in 2010) asked him to tell his life story about the abuse he endured in Hollywood. It’s something that Haim’s mother, Judy, finds hard to believe.

Judy is now publicly seeking proof that her son actually asked Feldman to reveal his life details. She feels her son, who had a huge falling out with Feldman in 2008, would never entrust his story to him, especially since she was with her son on the night Feldman claimed Haim made the request.

According to a 2008 interview with GQ, Haim fully admitted that he was molested by someone in Hollywood, who Judy named as bit part actor, Dominick Brascia. However, Corey Haim made it clear that it was something he wanted to move on from.

“I’ve dealt with this, and I’m dealing with this-second by second, minute by minute, day by day,” Haim said. “Everything’s cool. It’s just like, It happened, it’s over, and move on. Let’s move on to the next subject.”

Within the same year, Feldman, according to Judy, said that Haim requested him to “tell what happened to him,” should Haim pass away first. According to Feldman, Haim made the request at a dinner party at Feldman’s house after wrapping the second season of their reality show, The Two Coreys—-a series that Judy urges people to go back and carefully watch.

Judy, along with Feldman’s former bodyguard and assistance, DeAndre Adams, were also in attendance at Feldman’s diner. Adams, who said he was with Haim the entire night, stated that no conversation concerning his life story ever took place with Feldman.

“That conversation never happened that night. I was with him the whole time and it never took place.”

Judy said that when she declined to work with Feldman and didn’t agree with him, he sent her a scathing email, provided to CrimeOnline, that mocked her chemotherapy treatment. 

“I would tell him [sic] like this, ‘Stop talking about my kid, stop talking about my kid. Talk about your life, make a movie about your life.’ I got cancer in 2009. Ok, and my son was there every step of the way….Corey Feldman sends me an email and he goes like this, ‘I can help you if you if you only stop this insanity and remember the conversation we had right before I did the book. So unless the chemo f***** up your brain, you know that I’m speaking the truth.'”

“I went on Dr. Oz and exposed the same guy. Dominick Brascia is one person that I know that my son ever talked about. There are no more abusers out there. I want people to understand that.”

Greg Harrison, whose known Haim for 20 years, said the issue began when Feldman wrote his 2013 book, ‘Coreyography,’ in which he mentioned Haim’s name and alleged abuse numerous times without permission from Haim’s family.

“Where is the original sin? The original sin is a book that was written without the legal approval, the moral approval, or even a simple blessing. And to me it’s very clear that there is an agenda to rewrite history,” Harrison said.

“Where is society standing up and saying that this is wrong to be putting Judy on trial? She doesn’t need to justify herself to anyone. She’s not the one what wrote this book. When is society going to stand up and say, ‘this is not OK? We need to scrutinize this. We need to have some real investigative reporting.'”

“When is it OK for the art of sensationalizing for the purpose of capitalization?” Harrison continued. “The life and legacy of my dead friend—let’s keep it simple, folks. My dead friend! A lot of this is lies, from big ones to small ones.”

CrimeOnline reached out to Feldman several times for comment. His publicist stated that although Feldman is appreciative that CrimeOnline wants to hear his side, he is declining at this time to interview, while he continues to work on his campaign to end child abuse with CHILD USA and to expose Hollywood pedophilia.

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[Feature Photo: Corey Haim/Judy Haim & Corey Feldman/Chris Carlson via AP]