Meth mom’s bad day out: Leaves screaming baby in car, goes shoplifting: Cops

A Florida mom’s day trip to a convenience store to buy poop containing deodorant spray found her behind bars for abandoning her infant in a car and in possession of meth.

The Miami Herald reported that Sarah Wilmoth, 30, of Vero Beach, was arrested January 13 in the parking lot of a Publix store after Indian River Sheriff’s Office deputies had been alerted by a couple who spotted an unattended baby boy in her Chevrolet Blazer.

According to Wilmoth’s arrest record, the unidentified couple noticed the baby alone in his car seat when they parked next to the SUV. Around 45 minutes later, they realized the baby was still alone in his car seat and “crying hysterically.” Deputies determined the child may have been there as long as an hour, reported.

They promptly called the sheriff’s office who alerted EMS. Rescue workers found the child unharmed. A run of the vehicle’s license plate ID’ed Wilmoth. The alleged neglectful mother was paced by Publix’s management where deputies promptly arrested her for leaving a child in a car unattended in in car for more than 15 minutes.

According to the arrest affidavit, Wilmoth claimed she had left her son in the car because he was asleep at the time.

Officers searched Wilmoth where they found a “small clear, plastic baggy containing a clear rocky substance and a crack pipe with residual material within …”

The suspect reportedly admitted it was methamphetamine laced with cocaine. A more thorough search of Wilmoth by deputies allegedly turned up the following, secreted within her bra: facial cream, clear nail polish, pink nail polish and “Poo Pouri Before-You-Go,” an spray used to deodorize the toilet bowl, prior to use. The items found on the suspect added shoplifting and meth possession to Wilmoth’s child endangerment charges.

Wilmoth was released on $6,500 bond two days later.

[Feature Photo: Sarah Wilmoth/Indian River Sheriff’s Office]