Low-IQ parents reunited with both kids after once being deemed unfit to raise children [Update]

The Oregon couple who lost custody of two sons when judges ruled that their low IQ scores should prohibit them from raising children have now seen their family completely restored.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler were reunited with 10-month-old Hunter shortly before Christmas and about five months after he was taken away from them due to their cognitive limitation.

An older son, 4-year-old Christopher, was taken away on similar grounds when he was a baby.

According to Inside Edition, a Deschutes County judge restored custody of that boy to the parents earlier this month.

Fabbrini and Ziegler made headlines nationwide after news broke of the July decision to take their youngest son based on IQ scores of 72 and 66, respectively. An average score is somewhere around 100.

Social workers reportedly took Hunter after receiving a report that his parents were not sufficiently attentive.

After monitoring their parenting during supervised visitations, however, a Circuit Judge Bethany Flint agreed with Fabbrini’s attorney, who argued child welfare agents did not raise any safety concerns for which a loss of custody would be warranted, the Oregonian reported.

“It was just micro-criticisms of their parenting,” said Jamie Gerlitz. “They were things ordinary people do on a daily basis.”

The mother made it clear in the aftermath of the decision to take Hunter that she does not agree with those who believe they are “not smart enough” to provide a proper upbringing.

“I don’t think that IQ has anything to do with raising your kids,” Fabbrini Inside Edition at the time. “The only thing that should matter… is that you love them, you’re able to support them and that you’re just there for them and their needs. And I can do that.”

[Feature Photo: Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler/Facebook]