Tuesday Crime Stories: Secrets buried under California ‘House of Horrors’?

PLUS: Mom murdered for secret online life? Facebook selfie puts girl in prison!

Investigators are using cadaver dogs to search for possible buried secrets in a southern California house of horrors. Nancy Graces updates the bizarre Turpin family case with University of California psychologist Dr. Jessie Borelli, Los Angeles psycho analyst Dr. Bethany Marshall, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Chuck Roberts.

WATCH: The moment when authorities rescued the Turpin siblings from the ‘House of Horrors’

Crime Stories contributing reporter Scott Kembler joins Nancy and her experts to look at the mysterious death of Kathleen Dawn West. The 42-year-old Alabama mom was found dead outside her home near Birmingham, only partially dressed.

Mom who led double life online found dead, partially nude outside her home

RadarOnline.com reporter Alexis Tereszcuk shares details of a case in which a teenager was convicted of killing her friend, thanks to a Facebook selfie that revealed a key piece of evidence in the strangulation death.

Facebook selfie shows woman wearing same belt used to strangle best friend

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[Feature Photo: David and Louise Turpin/Police Handout]

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