Woman wakes up to stranger raping her: Prosecutors

“I thought I was dreaming,” the woman said

In a bombshell trial, a woman, 22, says she was in bed, sleeping when she suddenly awoke to a stranger sexually assaulting her.

The New York Daily News reports that the woman, whose name is being withheld, said, “I thought I was dreaming…” when she described the purported assault in Manhattan Supreme Court where the trial is being held.

The prosecution charges that suspect George Fay, 23, raped and forced oral sex on the woman in his home on East 72nd Street on Manhattan’s posh Upper East Side on July 9, 2016.

The woman had reportedly gone to Fay’s apartment after a night of boozing with a male friend of his, Jack Slye.

The Daily Mail reports that Fay allegedly jumped in the bed after the woman had consensual sex with Slye who had fallen asleep beside her.

“As she slept next to her friend, she thought she was safe,” prosecutor Sara Sullivan told jurors. “Instead she woke to this man, George Fay, a stranger, forcing oral sex as she lay sleeping.”

“I remember feeling something in my mouth and feeling someone’s hands behind me,” the alleged victim reportedly testified.

“I opened my eyes, I thought it was Jack. Who else would it have been? I looked to my left and saw Jack sleeping. That’s when I knew.” She said that Fay, whom she had never met, was “putting something inside me…I was on my back and when I opened my eyes he was on top of me.”

The then-University of Delaware student began screaming and fled.

“I was furious and hysterical and it was disgusting,” she testified.

The building’s doorman alerted police who later arrested Fay.

Fay, the son of British lawyer, has denied the charges. He claims that he had spent the night drinking with pals and had given the apartment keys to childhood friend Slye so he could “hook up” with a casual girlfriend, the defense attorney told the jury.

Slye, who testified on behalf of the prosecution, said he was in the city celebrating his birthday and asked to stay at Fay’s apartment. He described his relationship with the alleged victim as “random and sporadic”, adding that they “hooked up every now and then.”

Fay has entered a plea of not guilty to three accounts of rape, sex abuse and committing a criminal sexual act while the victim was “physically unable” of giving consent.

The trial is expected to last two weeks.


[Feature image: Facebook/George Fay]