Pregnant mom and her boyfriend beat 4-year-old to death for spilling cereal: Cops

A Pennsylvania mother and her boyfriend were arrested on suspicion of beating her 4-year-old son to death.

According to, 19-year-old Lisa Smith told police her son, Tahjir, told her he spilled his cereal Monday morning, a confession that allegedly sparked the vicious beating.

During an attack that allegedly included King punching the boy in the back of the head, he reportedly lost consciousness.

Smith, who is currently eight months pregnant, reportedly said the child had been acting “sneaky” prior to admitting he spilled the cereal.

Along with 26-year-old Keiff King, police say Smith punished the boy by hitting him repeatedly with her hands and a shoe. Authorities were called to the Willow Grove residence later in the day, but Tahjir was unresponsive.

Following the initial battery, police say the couple went on to put the child in a scalding shower in retaliation for him urinating on himself. Reports indicate Tahjir Smith became unresponsive during this shower.

Despite his state, reports indicate King tried to dissuade Smith from calling 911 for the boy.

“He is still breathing. He is cool. He is still up,” the man allegedly said.

Both Smith and King were arrested and face multiple charges, including attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault and child endangerment.

Charges could be upgraded to include murder, depending on the results of a forthcoming autopsy report, the Daily Mail reported.

According to early reports, the child showed evidence of previous injuries, including fractured ribs, which officials say could indicate prior abuse.

They were each reportedly booked into jail with bail set at $500,000. A court appearance is set for later this month.

[Featured image: Lisa Smith and Keiff King/Montgomery County District Attorney]