Wednesday Crime Stories: Mom ignores baby’s severe bath burns; Girlfriend chops up boyfriend; Woman disappears during Graceland pilgrimage

A mother’s first instinct when she realizes hot bath water severely burned her baby should be to call for help, but Christina Marie Hurt, 35, allegedly did nothing. Her 1-year-old son died the next day. Nancy Grace explores the case with lawyer and child advocate Ashley Willcott, private investigator Vincent Hill, New York psychologist Dr. Chloe Carmichael, and Crime Stories contributing reporter John Lemley in this Crime Stories podcast.

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Nancy and her experts also look at the case of a Florida man found murdered with his arms and legs missing. His girlfriend is charged with shooting him, chopping him into pieces before hiding his body parts miles away.

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Crime Stories contributing reporter Pamela Furr updates Nancy on the mysterious disappearance of an Ohio woman. Her husband claims his wife died of cancer during the during a pilgrimage to Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home, but he’s confused about what happened to her remains.

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[Feature Photo: Christina Hurt and son, Ethan/Handout/Miami-Dade Corrections]