Former Disney star and actress girlfriend plot series of frightening armed robberies: Cops

The one-time star of a Disney television series is now facing criminal charges after police say he and a woman — an actress believed to be his girlfriend — staged a series of armed robberies near in California.

According to CBS News, 25-year-old Adam Hicks and 23-year-old Danni Tamburo were arrested Wednesday in connection with at least four robberies over a short period of time.

Authorities received a report from one alleged victim, which was followed quickly by three others.

Burbank Police Sgt. Derek Green said of the first reported robbery that the “suspect pointed the handgun at the victim and demanded his wallet.”

That alleged victim feared for his life, Green said, and ran to a safer location.

The other reports shared similarities, with all occurring in the same Burbank community and targeting individuals taking a walk, according to police.

Investigators were able to identify the suspect’s vehicle and officers located it a short time later. Tamburo allegedly drove the dark-colored Kia during the commission of the crimes.

Based on social media posts, police believe Hicks and Tamburo, also an actor, were in a romantic relationship.

Both individuals were later arrested at a residence in Burbank. Reports indicate another woman has been detained by police over an apparent connection to one of the suspects in the case.

Hicks, who starred in the Disney series “Zeke and Luther” as well as the film “Lemonade Mouth,” was booked into jail with bail set at $350,000, according to NBC News.

[Featured image: Adam Hicks/Associated Press]