‘Kayak killer’ Angelika Graswald wants her dead fiancé’s $491K insurance policy: Report

Convicted “kayak killer” Angelika Graswald is reportedly fighting the family of her deceased fiancé for his $491K insurance policy.

New York Post reports that Graswald, convicted last year of criminally negligent homicide, wants her fiancé, Vincent Viafore’s, accidental death coverage,  which was covered through his employer, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc. Viafore died after drowning the Hudson River in April 2015.

Graswald previously admitted to police that she wanted Viafore dead and was “glad” he was gone, although she maintains that the death was an accident after her fiancé’s kayak sunk while the couple paddled from the Hudson River from Bannerman Island.

Viafore’s family is now fighting to ensure Graswald doesn’t get a penny of her former fiancé’s money.

“It’s been a nightmare for the last almost three years,” Viafore’s mother, Mary Ann, said on Weds. “She doesn’t deserve the money. She caused his death!”

Graswald was listed as a 45% beneficiary on Viafore’s life insurance policy, with the other amounts reserved for his mother and sister. Yet, since Graswald wasn’t convicted of murder, she’s eligible for her portion of the policy under New York law. However, the family plans to show that Graswald’s actions “recklessly” caused Viafore’s death, which could possibly prohibit her from receiving the funds.

“Of course she was reckless. She removed the cap, and the kayak filled up and he went in the river. And then she did something to the paddle,” Mary Ann said.

In Sept., Graswald’s attorney, Richard Portale, said that his client is within her rights to claim her deceased fiancé’s benefits.

“Ms. Graswald would be entirely within her rights if she chooses to lay claim to any and all of Mr. Viafore’s death benefits.”

Graswald still maintains that Viafore’s death was an accident.

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[Feature Photo:  Angelika Graswald/Jim Sabastian/Times Herald-Record via AP, Pool]