Officer fights for his life after accused wife beater shoots him in the head during ambush: Cops

Law enforcement officers across Detroit and beyond are standing behind one of their own as he clings to life days after he was ambushed during a domestic disturbance call.

According to WDIV, 25-year-old Glenn Doss was among the officers dispatched on Wednesday evening to a residence on the east side of Detroit. According to complaints, a man at the location had been assaulting his wife and possibly fired a gun.

When police arrived, the suspect, 43-year-old Decharlos O. Brooks, was reportedly standing outside of the home. Soon after police began to approach, he allegedly opened fire on the police cruisers, striking Doss twice.

Brooks allegedly went on to engage in a standoff with police, barricading himself inside the home until officers introduced tear gas. He was taken into custody as he attempted to escape the residence.

The critically injured officer, who had been with the Detroit Police Department for two years, is the father of a 9-month-old son.

Police say Doss was sitting in the passenger-side seat of his squad car when Brooks opened fire on the responding officers.

The Detroit News reported that one bullet remained lodged in the back of his head after entering above his left eyebrow.

As of Friday, Doss’ condition was said to be “50/50,” according to his father, Glenn Sr.

“He’s a fighter and I believe God can work miracles,” the elder Doss said. “I never told him to join the police department, that was a decision he made on his own.”

Assistant Chief Arnold Williams shared grief over the shooting on behalf of the agency, noting that it sheds light on the harsh realities associated with law enforcement.

“It’s somber, we’ve had too many losses in our department,” he said. “We’ve had too many injured officers.”

Williams said the public can sometimes lose “perspective,” adding that officers perform “a hard job, and we’re doing it for the community.”

According to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, Brooks is facing charges including eight counts of assault with the intent to murder, seven counts of resisting and obstructing and one count of carrying a dangerous weapon, in addition to 17 firearms-related felony counts.

One relative of the suspect said his mental faculties have deteriorated steadily since he had a series of seizures beginning about two years ago.

An online fundraiser is currently accepting donations on behalf of Doss and his family for mounting personal and medical expenses.

[Featured image: Glenn Doss and Decharlos O. Brooks/GoFundMe, Detroit Police Department]