Teen boy shot in the head after playing dangerous Internet game, ‘No Lackin Challenge’

A dangerous game that surfaced online left a teenager in critical condition on Tues. after his friend accidentally shot him in the head.

WAOW reports that a 17-year-old teen in Memphis was shot in the head by a 21-year-old friend while playing the “No Lackin Challenge,” which consists of people pulling guns on each other without pulling the trigger. The 21-year-old, identified as Sherman Lackland, accidentally shot the gun while in a booth with his friends at the E’s cafe on Union Avenue, hitting the teen in the head at E’s cafe on Union Avenue.

“A real loud bang, then I see the guy across from him fall in the floor,” Thomas Fitzpatrick, a witness inside the restaurant told WAOW.

After the shooting, the suspect became distraught, according to Fitzpatrick, and began shaking the teen, telling him to get up.

A doctor happened to be nearby when the shooting occurred, and helped get the teen across the street to the Regional Medical Center. Lackland was arrested and charged in connection with the shooting. He’s facing gun charges, aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment.

“All young kids, they were sitting there talking, and they started showing each other a gun and it accidentally went off,” said the cafe manager, Ron Eanes, according to WREG. “Such stupidity. Anybody could get hurt. People that don’t know how to use guns don’t need to have guns.”

The victim remains in the hospital, in critical condition. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/YouTube]