Man slits parents throats, leaves their 17-month-old locked up with dogs before shooting her in the head: Cops

Authorities in Missouri have arrested a man accused of murdering a couple and their toddler in the woods before attempting to conceal his crime.

According to Fox News, police believe 24-year-old Drew Atchison stabbed the man and woman to death. They have been identified as 23-year-old Samara Fontaine Kitts and 24-year-old Harley Michael Million.

He is accused of transporting their bodies in the male victim’s truck to a wooded location and burying them beneath a pile of trash and blankets.

Court documents indicate Atchison allegedly locked their 17-month-old daughter, Willa Fontaine Million, overnight in a room surrounded by dogs when he left with her parents’ bodies.

Investigators say he took the girl and the knife used in the murder to another county, where he disposed of the weapon and fatally shot the young girl.

According to details provided by the Kansas City Star, Atchison allegedly slit the adult victims’ throats and shot their daughter in the back of the head.

He allegedly buried the girl in the same location as her parents.

Relatives of the three victims reported Sunday that they had not been seen in days. The bodies were discovered the following day.

A family statement described Million and Kitts, who had been together for eight years, as “amazing parents to Willa.”

Police say Atchison confessed to the murders but they did not offer a possible motive. He was arrested and faces charges including three counts of murder.

[Featured image: Samara Fontaine Kitts, Willa Fontaine Million and Harley Michael Million/Facebook and Drew Atchison/Wayne County Sheriff’s Office]