Yoga twin on trial for murder posed as dead sister days after SUV crash; hit on her boyfriend: Report

Alexandria Duval is accused of manslaughter in the 2016 death of her twin sister Anastasia

The woman accused of intentionally driving her identical twin sister off a cliff allegedly posed as her dead twin days after her death.

According to the New York Post, Frederico Bailey, who was dating Anastasia Duval at the time of her death, testified at Alexandria Duval’s second-degree murder trial about the surviving twin’s disturbing behavior after the deadly 2016 crash in Maui.

Bailey reportedly said that Alexandria was wearing Anastasia’s clothes, and was behaving suggestively towards him.

“She began cuddling up on me, it seemed like she was flirting with me … she sat down beside me really close and lay her head on my shoulder,” he said.

Bailey reportedly told the court that Alexandria put on her sister’s dress, one she had worn just a few days before she died.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the twin Duval sister both joined Bailey on a Memorial Day camping trip the weekend of the crash, although the trip was intended to be a romantic getaway for Bailey and Anastasia.

At the time of Anastasia’s death, the twins and their respective boyfriends were sharing a luxury home together. But Maiu News reports that at the trial, Deputy Prosecutor Emlyn Higa said that Anastasia and Bailey were planning to move to Hawaii island, and that Alexandria was opposed to this.

Bailey said in earlier interviews that the twins had been aggressively fighting on the day of the crash, and had driven off without him for four hours before briefly returning to the campsite with alcohol, at which time Anastasia reportedly told him she and her sister had arrived at a truce. The twins took off again in the new Ford Explorer SUV belonging to Anastasia’s boyfriend, who was not present on the camping trip. Anastasia would later drive the SUV off a 200-foot cliff, killing her sister.

The question of intent is at the heart of the trial, which will be decided by the judge. While Alexandria Duval’s attorneys have argued the crash was a tragic accident, the prosecution claims they can show that Alexandria did not brake but rather accelerated on a narrow, winding road before taking a sharp left turn that plunged the car over a cliff.

Multiple witnesses reported seeing the twins violently arguing in the SUV just before the crash, at which time Anastasia was reportedly seen pulling her sister’s hair and jerking her head towards the passenger side of the car.

According to the Maiu News, defense attorney Birney Bervar argued in court that because of the fighting, Alexandria missed the brake pedal before the car veered off the cliff.

“There’s ample reasonable doubt in this case,” Bervar said.

The trial is expected to continue Wednesday.


[Feature image: Associated Press/Alexandria Duval]