‘Yoga Twins’ in murder case showed up to studio drunk; went to a homeless shelter and asked for money: Report

The dead twin’s boyfriend has admitted to being homeless when he met Anastasia and living in her Porsche after she died

More details are emerging as the murder trial continues for a former yoga studio owner accused of manslaughter in the dramatic 2016 car crash that killed her identical twin sister.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Alexandria Duval is facing second-degree murder charges for the death of her sister Anastasia Duval, who was in the passenger seat of the SUV Alexandria drove off a 2oo-foot cliff in Maui over Memorial Day weekend in 2016. While Duval’s attorneys argue the deadly crash was a tragic accident, prosecutors argue that she purposely accelerated before going over the cliff and intended to hurt or kill her sister.

Alexandria survived the crash with non-permanent injuries. She waived a jury trial, and a judge will decide her case.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the twins had a close but extremely volatile relationship and had face financial and legal problems, some as a result of what appeared to be a drinking problem. They ran a successful yoga studio with multiple locations in Palm Beach County for several years, but that business collapsed after they signed on for a pricey expansion in anticipation of getting their own reality series that didn’t pan out. They then fled Florida for Utah, leaving behind debts, unpaid wages, and studio membership fees that were never reimbursed. After multiple alcohol-fueled run-ins with the law in Utah, the twins moved on again to Maui.

In 2015, Anastasia reportedly went to a homeless shelter, though she and her sister were not homeless, and tried to get money.

“She wanted us to help her out with cash . . . but we’re a shelter, we don’t give out money… I had a feeling she wasn’t really telling the truth,” shelter volunteer Kahili Moniz reportedly told Gossip Extra.

And while still in Florida, the twins on at least one occasion reportedly showed up to their yoga studio drunk, and disrupted another instructor’s class.

“They both came in [wearing] street clothes and changed my music and started adjusting students’ poses, the kind of things they taught me not to do,” the instructor told the New York Post.

“Only afterward did I realize it may have been alcohol-induced.”

Those who knew the twins have said that they frequently become aggressive and erratic when they were drinking, and it appears they were drinking on the day of the deadly crash.

Anastasia’s boyfriend Francisco Bailey told the Maui News that he and Anastasia had planned to go on a camping trip alone on Memorial Day weekend, but that Alexandria had insisted on joining them. Earlier the day of the crash, the twins had been fighting, he said, and took off in Alexandria’s boyfriend’s borrowed SUV for about four hours, returning with alcohol.

“When they drink, their personalities change,” Bailey told the Maui News.

Anastasia reportedly told Bailey that she and her twin had come to a truce, but the sisters soon took off without Bailey again, and witnesses who saw them just before the crash told the court that the sisters with physically fighting and that Anastasia was seen pulling Alexandria’s hair.

Earlier this week, Bailey reportedly told the court that after Anastasia’s death, Alexandria began wearing her sister’s clothes around him and seemed to be flirting with him. According to ABC News, he later admitted that he only knew Anastasia for a little over a month before she died, and that he lived in her Porsche after her death until police confiscated his car. A self-identified “minister,” Bailey reportedly told he court that he had been living in his Jeep when he met Anastasia.

ABC News reports that Anastasia Duval’s trial is expected to end on Thursday.



[Feature Image: Handout/Alexandria and Anastasia Duval]