Friday Crime Stories: Actor Jim Carrey vindicated in ex-girlfriend’s death

PLUS: Bombshell development in death of NJ radio host April Kauffman

A wrongful death lawsuit against Jim Carrey has been dismissed after the revelation that his former girlfriend faked a herpes test report to falsely claim the actor gave her the STD. Cathriona White’s husband and mother sued Carrey after the ex-girlfriend took her own life in 2015, overdosing on prescription medication that her family has claimed she obtained from Carrey. Nancy Grace updates the case with southern California prosecutor Wendy Patrick, lawyer & child advocate Ashley Willcott, lawyer & child advocate, New York psychologist Caryn Stark, and reporter Alexis Tereszcuk.

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Crime Stories contributing reporter Mary Hopkins joins Nancy and experts to discuss a dramatic development in the story of April Kauffman, a New Jersey radio host who investigators said was killed in a plot by her husband, Dr. James Kauffman. The doctor, who was recently charged in his wife’s murder, was found dead in his jail cell.

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[Feature Photo: Jim Carrey via AP/Joel Ryan/Invision]