Las Vegas shooting person of interest Douglas Haig says he sold Stephen Paddock ammunition and met him in person

The Arizona man identified earlier this week as a person of interest in the deadly October 1 Las Vegas shooting massacre in held a press conference in his attorney’s office on Friday morning, where he elaborated further on his brief encounters with Stephen Paddock and insisted, again, that he had no role in the mass shooting, which killed 58 people and injured hundreds more.

Haig appeared with his attorney Mark J. Victor at Victor’s Arizona office on Friday, as both men explained that Haig had sold Paddock 27 rounds of tracer ammunition after they met in person at a Phoenix gun show. Both Haig and his attorney insisted that Paddock did not use any of the ammunition purchased from Haig in the deadly shooting.

Haig told reporters that Paddock drove to his home to purchase the ammunition, which he admitted was unusual but happens once in a while.

Paddock was “well dressed, well groomed, polite and respectful, ” Haig said.

“At no time did I see anything suspicious or odd.”

According to Haig, Paddock told him he was planning “to go out to a desert and put on a light show either with or for his friends.”

Haig’s attorney told reporters that there was nothing suspicious about the interactions between the two men and that Haig has an “irrelevant role” in the investigation.

Victor admitted that neither he or his client had been told by authorities that none of Haig’s ammunition was used in the shooting, but both insisted that it was not, as Haig said that the type of ammunition he sold Paddock produces a flare when it is fired that would have been visible.

The attorney went further, claiming that the massacre “would have been less of a tragedy had his ammunition been used” since it would have allowed authorities and witnesses to more quickly determine where the gunman was firing from.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Haig’s name was included in 300 pages of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police warrant records a Clark County judge released earlier this week in response to a lawsuit brought by multiple news outlets. The judge had ordered Haig’s name to be redacted from the documents, but due to a clerical error it was left visible in one instance.

Earlier this week, Haig and his attorney gave an interview to Newsweek vehemently denying Haig’s involvement in the mass shooting and referring to it as “old news.” Haig was reportedly interviewed by the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives very early in the investigation, but Haig said he had not heard from any federal agents since the days immediately following the shooting.

“I had absolutely nothing to do with what he did,” Haig said.


[Feature image: Las Vegas Review-Journal video screenshot/Mark J. Victor (C); Douglas Haig (R)]