Mom feared for safety of herself and twins long before dad brutally murdered 10-month-old girl: Cops

Weeks after a Nevada man was arrested on suspicion of fatally beating his 10-month-old daughter, comments by the suspect’s wife have been released painting him as a habitual abuser.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 31-year-old Eric Chu was arrested by federal and local law enforcement last month at a Greyhound bus station in Illinois. He allegedly fled Las Vegas for Chicago after officers found the child dead at his home.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Chu’s wife told authorities after his arrest that she had repeatedly toyed with the idea of leaving him, citing relentless aggression toward her and their children as the cause.

She said she lived in fear of retribution, however, so never went through with her plans.

On two prior occasions, social workers were reportedly made aware of suspected domestic abuse, though the claims were never substantiated by investigators.

Months prior to the child’s death, Chu allegedly told his wife that he would eventually “end up killing” their twins, court records indicate. He was arrested after that incident on a charge of possessing a firearm with a prior domestic abuse conviction.

“I see why parents kill their kids,” he reportedly told his wife that day.

On Jan. 23, police believe Chu followed through with his proclamation and killed one of the twins, Jordyn, before calling 911 to report she was not breathing. After allegedly threatening the responding medics, police were dispatched to the scene.

The father reportedly failed to offer a satisfactory explanation to police for the extensive head trauma his daughter had suffered. According to reports, he simply claimed she had a seizure while he was bathing her.

After that initial conversation with authorities, Chu allegedly fled the state, leading to his arrest in Chicago. He is reportedly facing a charge of murder.

[Featured image: Eric Chu/Chicago Police Department]