Morgue worker had sex with dead body of murdered reality star: Report

A morgue worker has reportedly admitted to having sex with the dead body of a murdered Russian reality star.

The Sun reports that medical examiners found evidence that Oksana Aplekaeva, star of the Russian Big Brother reality show, had been sexually violated after her death. The discovery came after investigators exhumed her body after new information emerged about her 2008 murder — which has never been solved. Aplekaeva’s body was found dead on the side of a highway nearly 10 years ago, and police still have not identified any suspects.

Investigators tested evidence taken from the exhumed body and reportedly traced the DNA to a man identified only as Alexander, a forensic morgue technician who worked at the morgue where Aplekaeva’s body was taken after her death.

According to The Sun, Alexander admitted what he did but as there are no existing laws against sex with corpses in Russia, and authorities believe he had no connection at all to her unsolved murder.

“I could not argue against science,” Alexander reportedly said. “I have not been able to find a job for three months.”

The morgue reportedly fired him after learning that he had assaulted the celebrity’s dead body.

Little is known about Aplekaeva’s mysterious murder. According to the Daily Mail, she was allegedly tossed from a moving car, but the suspected killer returned to move and conceal her body in an undisclosed location in Russia.

The morgue worker reportedly told Russian media that in addition to losing his job of 12 years, his wife left him and changed her phone number.


[Feature image: Daily Record video screenshot/Oksana Aplekaeva]