Wife jumps from window after husband douses her in gasoline, sets her on fire: Police

A Michigan man is behind bars after he allegedly doused his wife with gasoline on Monday and set her on fire, causing significant burning.

ABC reports that the incident happened on Monday night inside the couple’s home in Holly, off of Grange Hall Road. After a 55-year-old man, whose name hasn’t yet released, allegedly set his 56-year-old wife on fire, she jumped out of a closed window, shattering glass while her body was still on fire.

The victim ran to a neighbor’s home for help. She had glass cuts from jumping from the window. Some of her skin was burned off and according to the neighbor, one of the victim’s socks had melted to her skin.

“Her chin was burned pretty bad. Her sock was melted to her skin. She was doused with gasoline,” the neighbor told ABC. “You could smell it. We had to air out the house for 10 minutes after she left.”

The neighbor, who chose to stay anonymous, said the victim told her there had been problems in her marriage for a while that continued to escalate.

Police arrived and took the suspect into custody after convincing him to walk out of the home and turn himself in. The suspect reportedly admitted to the incident and is expected to face arraignment on Wednesday. Authorities said he could possibly face attempted murder and arson charges.

“He then threw gasoline on her and ignited her,” Holly police Chief Michael Story said, according to MLive.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]