‘F— your country!’ Man slashes Spanish-speaking dad’s face as he walks with 1-year-old son [Video]

Authorities in New York say a man was walking with his 1-year-old son in the Bronx earlier this month when someone approached and slashed him twice in his face.

According to the New York Post, the assailant allegedly screamed “F— your country” to the 41-year-old victim following the attack.

Police say the man was in Mott Haven on a sidewalk along East 139th Street when the unknown attacker approached him from behind in an incident that was captured by a surveillance camera.

After the slashing, the victim — with his son’s scooter in tow — can be seen in the video starting to give chase. A short time later, however, he returned to his comfort his toddler.

WNBC obtained the footage and published it online this week.

“I couldn’t do anything more, so I ran back to grab my son,” the man said.

He noted that his child’s well-being was more important in that moment than capturing his attacker.

“I was worried someone could kidnap my son,” he explained.

After cutting the man, police say he ran from the scene along East 129th Street as he uttered the obscenity.

The unidentified father, who reportedly spoke only in Spanish, described the moment he knew he had been attacked with a knife.

“I felt the force on my face,” he said. “At first I thought he had hit me with his hand, but it turned out to be a blade.”

The victim’s injuries were not severe, as he was treated at the scene and released. The young boy was not physically hurt, he said, but both father and son are struggling with the aftermath of the senseless attack.

“Frankly, I’m scared,” the man said.

As for the toddler, he “can’t sleep” and “wakes up all the time, crying,” his father said.

“This scared him,” he added.

Authorities urge anyone with information in this case to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

[Featured image: WNBC/Video screenshot]