Monster who burned girlfriend alive gets only three years in prison: Report

The victim says he threw burning nail polish remover on her and watched her burn, ignoring her screams of pain and desperate pleas for help

An Alaskan woman is continuing to recover from a brutal attack that left her with 50 percent of her body covered in burns — and the man responsible for it is reportedly already out of prison.

According to the Juneau Empire, Brian Hogan pleaded guilty in 2015 to an assault he claimed was an accident: His then-girlfriend Lexus Breeland, now 39, had her hands soaking in a bowl of nail polish remover when a flame from Hogan’s lighter ignited the acetone and erupted into flames covering Breeland’s body.

At Hogan’s sentencing hearing in May 2016, the victim reportedly told the court that Hogan watched passively as she burned and didn’t offer her any help.

“I was screaming for help, but … he did nothing to help me, Breeland reportedly said.

“I then crawled on my burnt body to get help, I was in so much pain. I was screaming for help … “I will never forget the smell of burnt skin the rest of my life.”

Hogan was sentenced to only three years for the assault in a case that has received minimal news coverage in the United States, but in a recent interview, Breeland said that he was released after only two years.

The victim appears to have given an interview to HotSpot media, which obtained photos of her in a hospital bed, revealing the severe burns covering her body and hands. In an interview published in the Daily Mail, Breeland claimed that Hogan poured nail polish into a bowl before setting it on fire in what she alleges was a fully intentional act.

“Dipping his fingers in the bowl, he grabbed a lighter and lit his hand on fire. He then grabbed the bowl and tipped the clear liquid onto my bare legs,” Breeland reportedly said.

“He told me: ‘If I can’t have you, no one can.’ Then he lit me on fire.”

Breeland said in the interview that she suffered third- and fourth-degree burns and was unconscious for three weeks. During that time, doctors reportedly told her parents that she was not expected to survive.

Breeland also said that Hogan had been jealous and abusive to her before the attack, and that she had reported him to police because he was allegedly stalking her.

But despite the disfiguring burns, Breeland said that she has learned to accept her injuries and wants to carry on.

“At first, I hated how I looked but now I’ve grown to love myself despite my scars,” she said.

“I’m still beautiful.”



[Feature image: Facebook/Lexus Breeland]