Police find remains of at least six people on property connected to serial killer suspect who worked as mall Santa Claus

Authorities in Toronto announced on Thursday that remains found on a residential property connected to a serial killer suspect indicate at least six individuals were disposed there.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, in late January police found the dismembered remains of three people at a residential property associated with Bruce McArthur’s landscaping business, less than two weeks after he was arrested on suspicion of two murders, although investigators had not found the bodies of the suspected victims when McArthur was charged with killings. After the discovery of the dismembered remains in January, police charged McArthur with three more murders.

At the time, authorities said they expected to find more victims, and were working to identify locations where McArthur had worked as a self-employed landscaper.

According to a report in the Associated Press, police announced on Thursday that authorities had found at least six sets of remains hidden in planters on a property McArthur used for storage. The earlier remains were also found in planters on a residential property the suspect used for storage. The latest information indicates that the most recent discovery of remains may have been found on a different property, but police have not yet confirmed this. Lead investigator Detective Sgt. Hank Idsinga told the Associated Press that one of the victims is believed to be a man McArthur was previously charged with killing, Andrew Kinsman, who went missing last summer.

Authorities reportedly said, again, that they expect to find even more remains, and are looking into hundreds of missing persons cases — suggesting a possibly staggering death toll. Police are inspecting planters taken from residential properties throughout Toronto and beyond, including the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

McArthur, 66, is believed to have preyed on members of Toronto’s gay community, and allegedly met some of his victims on dating apps. Beyond those apps, he maintained an active social media presence and reportedly posted Facebook photos of himself dressed as a mall Santa.

McArthur has not yet entered a plea in response to the murder charges.



[Feature image: Handout/Bruce McArthur]